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This was by far the most requested feature and took me almost the entire October to implement completely. I'm not entirely happy with the interface, but I focused first of all on making it work reliably. Still, I did tweak the interface quite a bit to make it easy to use, hopefully. 😄

Schedule timers to start automatically at a given date and time

You can change the trigger of a timer to "Scheduled" and define a date and time at which the timer will start automatically. The trigger is scheduled on the server. So the timer will start even if you close the controller window in your browser.

A timer will start automatically when the "Scheduled" trigger is selected

Event Rundown: Link, reorder and collapse timers

Even though Stagetimer is not as fully featured as Shoflo, the ability to link timers together and collapse them in the interface makes it possible to set up a simple event rundown. A linked timer will automatically start when the previous one is finished, no matter if it was started manually or via a schedule.

Linked timers create a simple event rundown

If you have a lot of timers set up in your timeline collapsing them may help you to keep a good overview. Additionally, you can easily reorder timers with the = icon.

Collapse items to make the handling of many timers easier

“Until” mode: Instead of a duration define a finish time

The "Until" trigger replaces the usual duration input with a date and time input. The moment you click the "Start" button it will automatically calculate the duration to finish at your given time.

Finish timer at a given time, no matter when you click the "Start" button

Show the name of a timer

It was always possible to change the default "Timer 1" name, but it did not have any special purpose. Until now! With the new "Show name" checkbox it is now actually visible in the viewer window and can be used to communicate meaning.

This checkbox shows the name of timers in the viewer window

12h and 24h format

You probably can tell I'm European judging by the 24h format I used everywhere in Stagetimer. Not anymore! I'm still European, but Stagetimer now uses the time format of your browser. This means if your browser has a US language setting the time will be in the 12h format. In the future I'm going to make this a setting, so you can choose your preferred time format.

That's it for release 1.17.0. As always, feel free to reply to this email, especially if you find a glitch.

Check out the full list of changes on https://stagetimer.io/changelog/


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I'm a Maker and Full Stack Developer. I made stagetimer.io and this is a product update.

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