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We're at IBC 2023 in Amsterdam, let's meet!

Published 6 months ago • 1 min read

We're going to be at IBC 2023 on Saturday Sep. 16 the whole day.

We would love to meet you, have a chat and equip you with a Stagetimer T-shirt.

Locations to meet:

  1. At the Congress Square* from 11:00 to 12:00 on Sat. Sep. 16
  2. Any other time on Saturday, contact us at

* Together with John from Here to Record and Jonas from ByteHive

We're looking forward to meeting you.


Lukas from

I'm a Maker and Full Stack Developer. I made and this is a product update.

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New simplified pricing table

Hey there, we've been hard at work bringing you the following updates to Stagetimer: Team Integration: Introducing new pricing plans with team member addition. Simplified Pricing: Monthly plans replaced by more flexible 30-day event plans. Public API Enhancement: Ability to create and update timers and messages. Upcoming: Companion module update aligned with new API features. Special Year-End Offer: Get an additional 20% discount on the first year of the Pro and Premium annual subscriptions –...

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Hey everyone, we got a handy little update for you—say hello to the timezone chooser popup in Stagetimer. Timezone Chooser Modal next to the Controller’s clock Why You Need This Working with a global team? This feature lets you keep all timestamps in one time zone. If your browser gets the time zone wrong, you can easily correct it. Planning a show in one time zone but performing in another? Just set the event's time zone to keep your timer on point. How to Use It The Controller page now has...

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Hey there, We’re excited to announce a powerful new addition to our offerings: the new Stagetimer module for Companion v3. This new integration empowers you to control Stagetimer using Elgato’s Stream Deck with Companion, which is often used during live video production to simplify the handling of software and hardware tools. Stagetimer's Companion module in action What is the Companion Module? Companion is an open-source software that lets you control hardware and software like Stagetimer...

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