Hey Friends,

I added a bunch of useful features to stagetimer.io.

  • 🚥 Sum-up time, turning the timer yellow and red when it approaches 0
  • ⏳ More timer mode: you can now switch to count-up mode or just a simple clock
  • 0️⃣ Timers now stop counting at 0:00, so just a glance at the timer will show your speaker that the time is up
  • 💥 And the much-requested ability to flash the timer

There is also a shiny new header and a pricing section in preparation for monetization (no worries, all current features stay free).


Sum-Up time (yellow and red)
Sum-Up time (yellow and red)
Timer modes
Flash timer

Lukas from stagetimer.io

I'm a Maker and Full Stack Developer. I made stagetimer.io and this is a product update.

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